• File CVS-NY with CGFNS or FCCPT.


  • CGFNS/FCCPT will verify credentials by requesting documents directly from your university and licensing authority in your country.


  • Report will be issued by CGFNS/FCCPT and will be sent directly to NYSED with their recommendation.


  • NY State approves the Education and issues eligibility to schedule for NPTE.


  • The Agency can now file PT form I with NYSED.



  • NPTE: National Physical Therapy examination (Administered only in the U.S. and its territories)


  • NYSED: New York State Education Department – Official agency that determines eligibility for issuance of PT licenses


  • CGFNS: Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing School – accredited non-governmental agency authorized to verify foreign Physical Therapist credentials and to issue visa screen certificate for immigration purposes.


  • FCCPT: Foreign Credentialing Commission on Physical Therapy – accredited non-governmental agency authorized to verify foreign Physical Therapist credentials and to issue Type I/II certificate for immigration purposes.


  • CVS-NY: Credential Verification Service for the State of New York – special supplemental verification procedure required only in the State of New York for PT licensure


will sponsor qualified PTs for employment in the U.S.​

Depending on your qualifications, RN Express Staffing Registry will either sponsor you for a green card or work visa. 

Applicants seeking employment in the United States have two options under United States immigration law: a temporary working visa (also known as an H-1B visa), and a permanent employment visa (“green card”). The requirements for obtaining each are similar, and processing times constitute the only major difference between a temporary and a permanent visa.


Applicants who meets the professional educational and licensing requirements may qualify for a green card.


An H-1B visa is given to individuals who hold a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in his/her field of potential employment. The visa is issued for an initial period of three years, but it can be extended for up to six years (or longer under certain circumstances).


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